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The Owen Family Performing in Bruceton on Sunday

Bruceton, Tenn.- The Owen Family will be performing on Sunday, November 19th at 1:30pm at the Marlboro Baptist Church, located at 25165 HWY 114 in Bruceton. Everyone is invited to attend the performance.

Two Men Cited for Marijuana

McKenzie, Tenn.- According to reports from the McKenzie Police Deparment, Ptl. Paul Eddlemon cited Daniel Johnsonius, age 30 of Old State Route 22 in McKenzie, for speeding, no registration, lack of financial responsibility, simple possession of a schedule VI substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.  

While on patrol, Ptl. Eddlmon observed a vehicle traveling 36mph in a 25mph zone. Ptl. Eddlemon then conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle where he spoke to the driver identified as Johnsonius. Johnsonius then began acting nervous when talking with police and he decided to give then consent to search the vehicle, where police location 0.61grams of marijuana hidden in a pill bottle in the car.

A pipe and grinder were located in the car. Johnsonius was then cited for the following offenses.


In another report, Ptl. Steven Scott cited Thomas Grisham, age 20 of East Shady Trail of Old Hickory, for simple possession of a schedule VI substance.

Pete the Cat Coming to the Dixie on Nov. 20th

Huntingdon, Tenn.- Everyone's favorite Groovy Blue Cat, Pete the Cat, is coming to The Dixie in Huntingdon school time performance series on Monday, November 20th at 9am and 11am.

Tickets for the show cost $8 each. The show is presented by Theatreworks USA and the show will follow everyone's favorite groovy blue cat as he is sent to the Biddle family after the cat-catcher finds him rocking out after bedtime.

For ticket information please contact the  Dixie Box Office at 731-986-2100 or stop by the Dixie Box open Monday-Friday from 10am to 4pm.

Tickets for Bethel's Twinkle Ball "Twinkle Has Been Grinched" on Sale Now

McKenzie, Tenn.- Tickets for Bethel University's 6th Annual Twinkle Ball are on sale now, which will be held on Wednesday, November 29th from 6pm to 8pm in the Baker Fieldhouse Gymnasium on Bethel 's McKenzie campus.

The Twinkle Ball gives young girls and their mothers (or someone who is motherly to them) the chance to dress up and celebrate the magic of the holiday season in the girliest ways imaginable. This year's theme is "Twinkle has been Grinched!"

Tickets are $25 for a mother/daughter. Mothers with more than one daughter can purchase additional tickets for $7 each. Tickets can be purchased at the Bethel University Bookstore, but they must be purchased in advance by Monday, November  27th.

For more information about the Twinkle Ball, call the Bethel Bookstore at 731-352-4094 or Myra Carlock at 731-352-4090.


McKenzie Man Charged With DUI After Hitting a Train

McKenzie, Tenn.- According to a report from the McKenzie Police Department, Ptl. Paul Eddlemon arrested Christopher Lewis, age 36 of Hinkledale Road of McKenzie, for driving under the influence.

Ptl. Eddlemon was dispatched to a call on Hamilton Street and while he was in route he observed a train stopped across multiple streets and a car was not stopped correctly on the street. Once Ptl. Eddlemon was able to get to the car he observed that the car had been hit by the train. When Ptl. Eddlemon spoke to the driver identified as Lewis he could smell a strog odor of alcohol coming from his breath and Lewis’ speech was slurred.

Lewis denited that he had been drinking and he also failed field sobriety tests. Lewis was then placed under arrest for DUI, he also refused to have blood drawn for testing. Ptl. Eddlemon did apply and obtain a search warrant for Lewis’ blood to be drawn. The blood kit will be sent to the TBI Crime Lab for testing of BAC levels and other intoxicants.

Singer Auditions for Christmas on Broadway is Thursday

Huntingdon, Tenn.- The Dixie will be holding auditions on Thursday, November 16th from 6pm to 8pm for singers for their Christmas on Broadway Show in December.

Anyone who is 18 years and older that is currently a touring professional or serious student in music or performance is invited to audition to become a part of the cast.

The Dixie asks that you please have 16 bars of a song and bring your track on CD or ready to plug in by phone. Christmas on Broadway will be held on Saturday, December 16th at 7pm at the Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center, located at 191 Court Square in Huntingdon. For more information call 986-2100, email or visit the Dixie’s website at

23rd Annual Carroll County Business Expo is Thursday

Huntingdon, Tenn.- The Carroll County Chamber will be hosting their 23rd Annual Business Expo this Thursday, November 16th from 11am to 6pm at the Carroll County Civic Center, which is located at 201 Fairgrounds Road in Huntingdon.

The Chamber will bring in various entertainment in during the afternoon.

Granges Holds Groundbreaking and Speaker Beth Harwell Coming to the Dixie on Friday

Huntingdon Town Council. (Cassie Walsh photos)

Huntingdon, Tenn.-  At Tuesday's Huntingdon Town Council meeting, Mayor Dale Kelley told the council about the successful weekend they had this past weekend when Bethel University hosted seven colleges and universities for a Hockey Competition at the Hockey Rink on Main Street.Granges also held a ground breaking on Tuesday for the $110 million expansion project, which also involves adding around 100 jobs. Mayor Kelley also stated that Speaker of the House Beth Harwell will be speaking at The Dixie Friday, November 17th at 2pm.

Beer Board Approves Permit for Fred's to Sell Beer

Huntingdon, Tenn.- At the Huntingdon Beer Board meeting on Tuesday night, the board approved to give Fred 's Stores of Tennessee, Inc. #1860, which is located at 535 High Street in Huntingdon, a permit  to sell beer at retail for off premise consumption.

Huntingdon Town Council Passes Several Ordinances

Huntingdon Town Council. (Cassie Walsh photos)

Huntingdon, Tenn.- The Town Council authorized the Huntingdon Police Department to submit their grant request to the Tennessee Highway Safety Office FY-18 grant contract in the amount of $5,000 for an equipment purchase. The Town Council approved that the Public Works Department is allowed to sell old water meters and accumulated scrap metal. The council approved to adopt the NFPA1 Fire Code 2012 edition for compliance of ISO requirements for the Fire Department.

The Town Council passed Ordinance 578, which is an amendment to Ordinance 577 that was passed on two readings in previous meetings.  The State Water and Wastewater Board required the amendment of Ordinance 577 to include the annual automatic Cost of Living adjustment paragraph when addressing new water and wastewater charges.


The Town Council also passed an ordinance regarding Tiny Houses. The Planning Commission met in regular session on Monday November 13th and  voted to propose and recommend an amendment to the Huntingdon Zoning Ordinance that will provide a definition and general provisions for Tiny Houses and allow Tiny Houses as Permitted Uses in the R-2 and F-R Districts. And the Town Council passed the ordinance to allow Tiny Houses permitted in the R-2 and F-R Districts.

The Huntingdon Town Council passed a resolution in opposition to tax reform for bonds that will impact transportation and infrastructure work.This resolution addresses important changes in the tax reform package that will impact transportation and infrastructure work.  It encourages our Congressional delegation to consider and oppose the issues outlined in the resolution.

School TIme Performances at the Dixie Doing Great

3rd Graders at Huntingdon Primary reading their copy of My Father’s Dragon. (Dixie photo)

Huntingdon, Tenn.- Last Tuesday, November 7th, The Dixie Carter Performing Arts and Academic Enrichment Center presented Enchantment Theatre Company’s My Father’s Dragon. The Dixie was one of 16 theatres to partner with Purdue University in a research study. Dr. Amanda Mayes, Manager of Education at Purdue Convocations, developed the study to examine the impact of a live performance of My Father’s Dragon on the literacy skills of some of the youngest theatre patrons.

Because this type of research is minimal in the field, the participation of arts presenting organizations like The Dixie was critical to ensuring sufficient student participation. The study has grown to include over 10,000 elementary students at 116 different schools. One hundred and twenty-one  students from Huntingdon Primary School and 215 students from Huntingdon Middle School participated in the study taking tests before and after watching the performance. Each participant received a copy of the book. Additionally, over 700 children total attended the performances.

Brock and Krista Martin of Southern Chiropractic present children at Huntingdon Primary School with a copy of My Father’s Dragon. (Dixie photo)

My Father’s Dragon is Enchantment Theatre Company’s adaptation of the author Ruth Stiles Gannett’s series of classic children’s novels. Using life-sized puppets, expressive masks, inventive staging, and original music, they took students on a visionary adventure that features flying dragons, talking animals, buried treasure and so much more. Enchantment Theatre brought to vivid life a story that has been honored by Newbery and the American Library Association and named among the top 100 books for children by the School Library Journal.

Southern Chiropractic & Acupuncture was the sponsor for the two performances at The Dixie. As a part of their sponsorship, each school in attendance received a copy of the book My Father’s Dragon for their library. “It was such a great experience to sponsor My Father’s Dragon! From my time at Purdue, I know how far reaching the outcomes of their research can be and I feel blessed to be able to give back to Purdue in such a unique way.

Being able to witness how the Dixie PAC impacts students in our community was a great joy and something Southern Chiropractic & Acupuncture is proud to support” – Krista Martin, Purdue University Alumni and show sponsor.

The Dixie is hosting six School Time Performances this season including My Father’s Dragon, Pete the Cat, Doktor Kaboom! Live Wire! Electricity Tour, Charlotte’s Web, Gooodnight Moon & Runaway Bunny and Gruffalo. For tickets please call The Dixie Box Office at (731)986-2100.

Fire Safety Tips to Use During the Winter and Year Round Released

Huntingdon, Tenn.- According to a press release from the Huntingdon Fire Deparment, Steven Cross,MTAS Fire Management Consultant, released an article addressing fire safety during the cold months of the year. Being in the last quarter of the year we are reminded that these months of the year can be some of the most dangerous for fire risk in our homes and businesses.

Statistics prove that people are most vunerable to these risk, often where we feel the safest - in our homes. By being proactive and taking the necessary precautions, we can help ensure family members and coworkers are safe in their homes and places of business.The NFPA theme for the recent National Fire Prevention Week was "Every second counts: Plan two ways out!"

Referring to the "Home Fire Timeline" in modern residential home fires, the NFPA estimates that people have between three to five minutes to evacuate the home before "flashover" occurs. Flashover is when all flammable materials in the room reach a temperature to ignite simultaneously. What this means is, if you do not get out before flashover occurs, You Do Not Survive!

 Time is one of worst enemies when a fire breaks out in a home or workplace. Occupants have to be alerted and evacuated before that three-minute window closes to have any chance of survival. With properly working and spaced smoke alarms, the fire should be detected within one to one and a half minutes. If no sprinkler system is present, then occupants only have a one-and-a- half to two minutes to evacuate before flashover. Survival is dependent on this very tight timeline.

The very best way to survive a fire is to prevent it from happening to begin with. Some items to consider:

-  Inspect for improper use and location of extension cords. Never use extension cords for heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, and/or other appliances. Never run an extension cord under rug/carpets.

-   When cooking , always stand near the cooking appliance and be attentive. Keep the pan handle turned toward the back of the appliance and the lid. Keep baking soda nearby.

-  Never allow anyone to smoke in your home or workplace.

-  Give space heates their space. Always keep at least 3 feet between heaters and combustible items such as but not limited to curtains, sofa, chairs, etc.

 Survival tips for improving your chances of surviving if a fire should break out.

- Evacuate: As soon as a fire ia reported, evacuate the home/building and go to your predetermined meeting place. NEVER re-enter the building/home, YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE!!

- Working Smoke Alarms: We need a working smoke alarm in each bedroom and in the area outside the bedroom(s). Smoke alarms should be tested and maintined per manufacturers recommendations and the entire unit replace every 10 years. For new smoke alarms, contact you local fire department for assistance. All fire departments in Tennessee have access to free smoke alarms through the state's "Get Alarmed" program.

- Close the Door: Always sleep with your bedroom door closed. The practice may buy you more time by reducing the spread of smoke and toxic gasses. If you are in the room where the fire starts, close the door on your way out to maybe buy yourself and other people in the structure more time to escape.

EDITH-Exit Drill In The Home; Preplan two ways out of every room in your home or workplace. Your first exit path should be the way you normally enter the room. Your alternate route may be out a window. Have a predetermined meeting place outside to meet. Teach everyone the plan and practice regularly with everyone in the home or workplace.

In conclusion, being proactive and elimination the common causes of fire breaking out, you reduce the risks associated with having a fire. Along with these preventions efforts be prepared to take action if a fire does break out. With everyone involved, all will benefit from being prepared and have a much greater chance to survive.

If you have questions or want further information, contact your local fire department  or access the Tennessee State Fire Marshal's Office website at

Big Sandy Man Killed in Accident at PML

Paris, Tenn.- A press release from Capt. Adam Jenkins of the Henry County Sheriff's Office stated the Sheriff's Office, Rescue Squad, Paris Fire Department, and EMS responded to PML Monday afternoon to an accidental death.

Bobby Smith, 46 of Big Sandy, was pronounced dead at the scene and investigation revealed he had become entangled in a piece of industrial equipment.

The body will be sent for autopsy due to the tragic accident happening in the workplace. Sheriff Monte Belew said, "our prayers go out to the friends and family of Mr. Smith during this time."

Carroll County in Need of 21 Volunteers to Participate in TN Promise to Be a Mentor to College Students

Carroll County, Tenn.- Nearly 2500 individuals, across the state of Tennessee, are still needed to meet the goal for Tennessee Achieves Mentors to assist TN Promise Applicants from the class of 2018. Graham Thomas, Deputy Director of Engagement and Partnerships, tnAchieves reported that Henry County is still in need of 11 volunteers to reach their goal while neighboring Carroll County is in need of 21 more volunteers. You can be a mentor for college students and it will be about  12 hours of your time per year.

At this point 11 counties including neighboring Houston County have met the number needed while Lake County is the only one in West Tennessee to have already met their goal.

If you want to make a difference in a child’s life then you can do so by logging on to Your commitment doesn’t involve any financial obligation on your part but will help ensure every TN Promise student has a local support system.

Carroll Co. Commissioners Approve TDOT Proposal to Four Lane Last Stretch of HWY. 79 in Carroll County

Carroll County Commissioners at the November meeting discussing the widening of Hwy. 79 in Carroll County between Trezevant and McKenzie. (Cassie Walsh photos)

 Huntingdon, Tenn.- The Carroll County Commissioners met Monday night where the commission approved a proposal by TDOT for the state-funded project to four lane HWY. 79 from Cutlip Lane near Trezevant to west of Syndor Road near McKenzie.

Carroll County Mayor Kenny McBride said that this proposal is for the last stretch of HWY. 79 between McKenzie and Trezevant that isn’t four lane yet and the proposal would start with the preliminary engineering for the project. Mayor McBride said that a realistic time frame on when the project would be completed would be around 8 to 10 years, because TDOT will have to deal with the railroad and environmental studies.

The project is in Phase III of a three-phase project to complete a four-lane between Clarksville, on the Kentucky border, to I-40 in Jackson, and the only part of the highway not four laned yet is in Carroll County.

Carroll County Commissioners at the November meeting discussing the widening of Hwy. 79 in Carroll County between Trezevant and McKenzie. (Cassie Walsh photos)

The resolution calls for Carroll County to bear certain responsibilities and liabilities for the project. Phases I and II of the project will bypass both Atwood and Trezevant.The proposed project states that the roadway will consist of two 12ft travel lanes divided by a 48ft depressed grass median.

The first part of the four lane highway would connect the new highway near County Line Road in Gibson County and extend 3.7 miles to State Route 76. The proposed highway bypasses Atwood and ends just north of West Carroll High School. The proposal also includes a 4.4 mile stretch that would involve bypassing Trezevant with the road coming up near the high school then cut  back into State Route 76 near Cutlip Lane.

An estimated cost of the construction and right-of-way for the entire project is around $44 million, with the state paying for the entire project.

VFW Post 4939 in McKenzie Hosting Kids Christmas Breakfast on Saturday

McKenzie, Tenn.- The VFW Post 4939 in McKenzie is holding a Children’s Christmas Breakfast on Saturday, November 18th from 6am to 10am.

The breakfast is all you can eat and costs $7 per person. The breakfast includes country ham, grilled bologna, sausage, eggs, biscuits, gravy, red-eye gravy, pancakes, milk, juice and coffee.

McKenzie Jr. High Teams Continue to Do Well in Basketball Action

McKenzie Junior High forward Mikaela Reynolds drives past a West Carroll Lady War Eagle defender. (David Jackson photos)

McKenzie, Tenn.- McKenzie Junior High forward Mikaela Reynolds drives past a West Carroll Lady War Eagle defender on the way to the basket to help the Lady Rebels remain undefeated in their season in last weeks action. 

(David Jackson photos)

The Lady Rebels and Rebels will continue their regular season through the end of the month and will wrap the season up with the county tournament December 2nd and Dec. 4th at West Carroll High School.

McKenzie Man Arrested for Assault and Vandalism

McKenzie, Tenn.- According to a report from the McKenzie Police Department, Ptl. Austin Jones charged Michael Grouette, age 23 of Triangle Circle of McKenzie, for domestic assault and vandalism under $1,000.

You Can Still Register for the Carroll County Business Expo

Huntingdon, Tenn.- The Carroll County Chamber will be hosting their 23rd Annual Business Expo this Thursday, November 16th from 11am to 6pm at the Carroll County Civic Center, which is located at 201 Fairgrounds Road in Huntingdon.

If you would like to get a booth at the expo registration is still open. For an 8x7 booth the fee is $135 for members and $180 for non-members, for an 8x9 booth the fee is $155 for members and $205 for non-members and outside booths with no electricity will cost $125 for members and $155 for non-members.

Payment must be received in full before booth space will be reserved and there will be no refunds. You can fill out the form and mail it to the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce at P.O. Box 726 in Huntingdon.

The booth fee includes draped area with skirted table and one chair, publicity, sign/garbage can, lunch for two and there is a $25 extra fee for electrical, which is very limited. You must provide your own cords and register early for a booth with electricity.

The Chamber will bring in various entertainment in during the afternoon.

Inman vs. Dyerburg in County Wide Basketball on Monday

Paris, Tenn.- In County Wide Basketball, Inman will face Dyersburg at home on Monday, November 13th at 6pm.

The pregame show will begin at 5:45pm on WHDM 98.9fm, 1440am, online at or by calling 712-432-5742. Just remember that if you listen to the game by phone, standard rates do apply.  The game will also be simulcast on our sister station WLZK 94.1fm.

Dresden Native, Dresser Winn Propels Skyhawks to Victory

Brentwood, Tenn.- University of Tennessee at Martin true freshman quarterback, Dresser Winn, had been named Adidas Ohio Valley Conference Co-Newcomer of the Week after a breakout performance against Southeast Missouri.

In just his third collegiate start, Winn posted the best game of his young  collegiate career, spearheading an offense which posted a 16-14 victory over Southeast Missouri. In the contest, Winn completed 12-of-23 passes for 224yds and a touchdown while notching 20 carries for 61yds. Included in his strong performance were 10 plays which eclipsed 15 yards or more.

A native of Dresden, Tennessee, Winn led an offense which tallied 420 yards of total offense, which ranked as the highest total output since the regular season opener. With the team trailing by one point and just 1:52 to play in the contest, Winn moved the Skyhawks down the field by connecting with Londell Lee Sr., for a 25yd completion to move the squad into striking position. The drive would later result with a game winning 22yd field goal, which propelled the Skyhawks to a road victory.

Winn and the Skyhawks will return to action on Saturday, November 11th when hosting No. 3 ranked Jacksonville State. Kickoff at Hardy M. Graham Stadium is scheduled for 2pm.

Auditions for Camelot are Nov. 27th and Nov. 28th

Huntingdon, Tenn.- The Dixie Players will be holding auditions for Lerner and Loewe’s Camelot on Monday, November 27th and Tuesday, November 28th from 6pm to 9pm at the Dixie in Huntingdon.

The auditions are open to the public for kids ages 5 thru adults. Auditions will consist of singing, movement and cold readings from the script.

Performances for Camelot will be held in 2018 on February 23rd and March 2nd at 7pm and on February, 24th and March 3rd at 2pm at the Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center, located at 191 Court Square in Huntingdon.

If you have any questions please call the Dixie at 986-2100, check out their website at or email

Thetford Art Exhibition at Dixie Ballroom Gallery Till Nov. 25th

Huntingdon, Tenn.- Stop by the Dixie Ballroom Gallery for the Daryl Thetford Art Exhibition open now until Saturday, November 25th.

Thetford grew up on a hundred-acre farm just down the road in Bradford, Tennessee. His father was a forklift operator who worked in a warehouse, and his mother was a beautician. While they encouraged their son to pursue so-called “practical” avenues of work, they also recognized his early artistic abilities, and enrolled him in oil painting lessons–which he loved–at age nine.

Thetford is an artist working in photography-based digital media and collage. His work has been described as graphic, modern, pop, and contemporary, although what to actually call the process has been a larger source of debate. Thetford’s work has been called photo collage, digital art, and digital mixed media.

FirstBank and the Arts Company in Nashville are sponsoring the event.

To see the art show just stop by the  Dixie Ballroom Gallery open Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm and during performances.  For information about this and other Ballroom Gallery events, please contact Laura DeVille at

Donate a Deer in Carroll County to Feed the Hungry

Nashville, Tenn. – Hunters for the Hungry connects generous hunters in Carroll County and across the state with Tennesseans in need. The Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s Hunters for the Hungry program is open for the season. Participating deer processors throughout the state are now accepting donations of whole deer to feed local families in need.

This year, more than 80 deer processors in 66 counties are accepting deer donations. In Carroll County that includes CMR Processing and Kendall's Deer Processing. Contact information and additional processors in neighboring counties may be found by visiting

Hunters for the Hungry is a unique program providing healthy protein to hungry Tennesseans. When hunters harvest a deer, they may donate it to Hunters for the Hungry at a participating processor. The venison is processed for free or at a reduced rate and then provided to area food banks or soup kitchens. One deer provides as many as 168 meals of venison.

“For the first time ever, we have full funding in Tennessee. Every participating processor has funds to accept 10 or more donated deer at no cost to the hunter,” said Matt Simcox, Hunters for the Hungry manager. “We were able to expand the program this year thanks to the hard work of high schoolers across the state who raised money as part of the Hunger Challenge.”

Donations above the funded allotment are also accepted. Hunters may redeem Deer Coins purchased from Tennessee Wildlife Federation or pay a reduced, $50 processing fee directly to the processor to cover processing costs.

Both 2015 and 2016 were record seasons for Hunters for the Hungry. Tennessee Wildlife Federation is hoping to continue the trend—making the 2017 season the most impactful yet and providing more meals to those in need.

“Hunters for the Hungry is in its 20th year in Tennessee and has provided nearly 6 million meals in that time,” Simcox said. “The program also connects hunters to their communities, allows them more opportunities to hunt, and helps better control our state’s deer population.”

About Tennessee Wildlife Federation, the Tennessee Wildlife Federation leads the conservation, sound management and wise use of Tennessee's great outdoors. Since 1946, the Federation has led the development of the state’s wildlife policy, advanced landmark legislation on air and water quality and other conservation initiatives, helped restore numerous species, and introduced thousands of kids to the great outdoors. To learn more, visit

Shows at the Dixie for December

Huntingdon, Tenn.- If you want to get tickets to see performances at the Dixie in Huntingdon you can get your tickets today. Upcoming shows at the Dixie this year include: Guy Penrod, Hotel California:A Salute to The Eagles, Marty Stuart and Christmas on Broadway with Kellye Cash, Bill Anderson.

Tickets for Marty Stuart on Saturday, December 2nd at 2pm cost $35. And tickets for Christmas on Broadway with Kellye Cash, Bill Anderson on Saturday, December 16th at 7pm cost $15.

To purchase tickets you can visit the Dixie at 191 Court Square in Huntingdon open Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm, online at or by calling the Dixie at 731-986-2100.





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